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Lidia Mikhailovna Yermoshina (Template:Lang-be Lidiya Mikhaylovna Ermoshina; Template:Lang-ru Lidiya Mikhaylovna Yarmoshyna; born 29 January 1953) is a Belarusian politician. She was born in Slutsk, Minsk Voblast. She has a member of the Central Election Commission of Belarus since 1992, and the Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus since 1996.

In 1975, she graduated from the Faculty of Law at Kaliningrad State University. Beginning in 1975, she worked as a legal advisor until becoming an attorney's assistant in 1987. She became Chairwoman of the Judiciary of the City Executive Committee of Babruysk in 1988, a post she held until 1996.

On 10 April 2006, following the 2006 presidential election in Belarus, she was placed on a list of over 40 members of the Belarusian government banned from entering the European Union and the United States for allegedly participating in the manipulation of the results of the presidential election; the ban was lifted in 2008.[1]

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Lidia Yermoshina is married, and has a son.[2]


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