Fascism is far-right nationalist political movement. Considerable debate exists about the exact definition of fascism both within Marxism and in mainstream political science. Some Marxists consider it a specific some a general form of capitalist reaction.

Fascism and CapitalismEdit

Fascism tends claims opposition to capitalism. This opposition is grounded in a petty bourgeois reaction. In the interbellum period, the small shop owners, artisans, and farmers were simultaneously crushed by organised labour and Big Business. This produced a widespread reactionary sentiment among the petty bourgeoisie, wishing to return the clock of time in order to restore an earlier social stage in human development when capital was less concentrated (see: Concentration of Capital. The petty bourgeois reaction was tampered by the need to reach politcial power at the invitation of the conservative elite, associated with the haute bourgeoisie.

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